The Innovative E-Gear is a totally enclosed gear system designed to provide the same reliabililty and longevity as the Flat Plate gear system that has been in service for over 60 years.

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Flat Plate

The Flat Plate gear design has been in service for over 60 years. Since the original 2800lbs capacity flat plate was created we have developed five different models with lifting capacitys' up to 8500lbs.

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The EBD (Enclosed Belt Drive) is a totally enclosed belt driven gear system designed for the boat lift industry. The EBD is a compact gear system capable of lifting up to 4000 inch pounds.

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AMS PWC hoist come standard with AOS motors, front and back cover standard, with Maintained or Spring loaded switches and 5FT of power cord (longer links available).

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Fourteen years ago Aqua Marine Supply developed the first enclosed gear designed exclusively for the boat lift industry, The E-Gear. During this time we have developed and expanded on the original model, developing Eight different versions of the E-Gear, which incorporate Faster Speeds and Heavier capacities. All of which are MANUFACTURED and ASSEMBLED by Aqua Marine Supply in the USA.

What`s new?

  • One of our competitors is claiming that A.O. Smith discontinued their AMS motor line. This is false. A.O. Smith was acquired by Regal Beloit for greater scalablity and further improvments in the AO Smith motor line. Click here to read about how A.O. Smith's historic motor line will continue to improve with the help of this merger
  • The Jet Drive - Our fastest version of the E-Drive is the Jet Drive. Click here to find out more
  • 384:1 Bronze E-Gear - Our previous 384:1 E-Gear was only available as a 3000lbs capacity using a steel gear. We have since incorporated a Bronze Worm shaft to a Steel gear allowing us to increase capacity of a 384:1 to 4000lbs. Click here to find out more
  • A.O. Smith Stainless Motor - First stainless motor designed exclusively for the Boat Lift Industry. Click here to find out more
  • 9000lbs Capacity 600:1 E-Gear - After extensive testing using our 600:1 E-Gear with a 2HP AOS motor AMS has engineered a version of the E-Gear capable of 9000lbs Capacity. Click here to find out more